The prolific journey of Samantha Jagan’s thousand miles in the field of Beauty & Makeup (MUA) began in earnest when she qualified with a Diploma in Hair and Skin Care. This professional step paved the way for Samantha to pursue her long-standing passion of making a name for herself in the vast world of personal beauty. From then on, with crystal-clear focus and ironclad will, she has gone from strength to strength, cementing her stature as a premier makeup specialist in the city of Chennai.

From modest beginnings through small screen and silver screen gigs, her horizons expanded, allowing her to spread her wings and soar high as a name synonymous with the best makeovers in Chennai. Across her illustrious career, she has won many laurels, including the SIFA 2019 Best Makeup Artist award, Zingbi Best Makeup Artist Award, among many others.